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Valcom Paging

Paging Technology 

Valcom Distributed Amplified Technology 

was designed specifically for the telephone/datacom world! Each one-way paging speaker has it's own built-in amplifier and volume control. Each speaker is essentially a independent public address systems that can be networked together. This allows for easy system configuration and flexible modification as needs change.

Unlike traditional 70 volt systems which MUST use special shielded wiring to prevent serious interference and noise picked up by the paging system, Valcom distributed amplified speakers are connected using standard telephone/datacom low voltage wiring. This allows the use of in-place wiring and assures that new wiring  can be used for future generations of paging,.

Valcom also has a significantly higher system efficiency and response as each amplifier /speaker combination is optimized. Utilizing high efficiency American made amplified speaker components eliminates transformer power losses characteristic of 70 volt systems. The  result is a reduction in cost, power dissipation and a dramatic increase in system efficiency and reliability.

 Valcom  IP  Paging

Valcom IP Solutions provide the ability of create a Full IP Paging system.  This flexible approach allows installing a paging system by using your data network and paging devices can be located any where a network drop is available. To make changes to the paging system  you can simply unplug the IP units and move them to their new location on the network. Management is accomplished using a from a computer on the network running Windows based programming tool.  Remote programming features allows you to adjust individual volume, change system page groups and  device configuration all from the comfort of your desk.

Valcom IP Solutions also allow for easy integration between IP and Analog systems.  The Valcom VIP-801  Networked Audio Ports provide a line level 600 ohm output  suitable for connection to an auxiliary input on any self amplified or centrally amplified paging system. The VIP-801 provides the ability to integrate multiple paging systems into a single cohesive system.  You can also add IP devices, such as the VIP-130L 5 Watt PoE Horn or the VIP-172L Door Intercom, to expand the existing system.  The use of Valcom IP solutions creates a hybrid system making the most efficient use of legacy equipment while still providing the flexibility of IP distribution and management.

 Just a Few Additional Applications

  • School Intercom and Paging systems
  • Hospital Paging and Intercom
  • Synchronized Clock Systems
  • Emergency Communication Systems
  • Door Intercoms (Analog, IP, SIP)
  • Emergency Voice Notification 
  • Mass Voice Notification
  • SIP Loudspeaker Paging 
  • IP Security