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    CTI Applications 

Computer Telephony Integration

OfficeServ Communicator and Messenger

Enhanced collaboration. Greater mobility. Increased flexibility. Now there’s an integrated communications application that can help you achieve all three—with the end result of providing better service to your customers.
With Samsung’s OfficeServ™ Communicator Basic or OfficeServ™ Communicator Professional with Messenger, you can seamlessly bring together voice, video, and instant messaging capabilities at a price that matches your business size.

OfficeServ Call

The SAMSUNG solution for managing the converging business challenges. SAMSUNG OfficeServ Call is a simple-to-use and cost-effective call management application for call logging, contacts, scheduling, and digital telephone programming.

OfficeServ Operator

Complete call control solution for business operators and receptionists. OfficeServ Operator is a PC-based Auto Attendant Console solution for your company. Combined with a Samsung phone system, this Windows-based application will help your business manage high-volume call traffic professionally and smoothly

OfficeServ DataView

SAMSUNG's solution for live monitoring and historical reporting. The OfficeServ DataView application provides comprehensive information and statistics, giving call centers increased functionality and greater efficiency.

OfficeServ Link is the core of Samsung's OfficeServ suite of CTI applications

Samsung Officeserv System Phones

Simplicity and Sophistication

iDCS Keysets

The perfect blend of design, functionality and style.

The iDCS keyset family consists of a 28 button LCD, 18 button LCD and 8 button LCD telephones, a 14 button add-on-module and 64 button console for additional lines. One of the most exciting enhancement is the availability of full duplex speakerphone daughterboard. This enhancement upgrades a SAMSUNG executive telephone set or conference room to a full duplex speakerphone

DS-5000 Series Keysets- The Perfect Digital Choice
SAMSUNG DS-5000 Series keysets are the perfect choice for crystal clear communications. Designed to work with SAMSUNG's OfficeServ 7000 Series systems, the DS-5000 family of terminals helps you manage access to the systems’ features for efficient call processing.

ITP 5100 Keysets
These VoIP keysets combine the features and capabilities of our standard digital keyset with the latest in technological innovation. The ITP-5100 series includes the ITP-5112L, with 3.5" Color LCD Display, the ITP-5121D, with 21 programmable keys, and the ITP-5107S with 7 programmable keys. These VoIP keysets combine the features and capabilities of our standard digital keyset with the latest in technological innovation.

SMT-i Series
Connect with your workspace anytime, from anywhere in the world with VoIP. From maximizing your collective expertise to stretching all available resources, today’s small and midsized businesses need every possible edge. Samsung’s OfficeServ™ SMT-iSeries VoIP telephones can make your business more efficient, collaborative and agile.

Working with the OfficeServ™ 7000 platform, the OfficeServ™ Wireless solution liberates you from your desk and still keeps you in touch. With OfficeServ™ Wireless, you get the high-quality voice service you've come to expect from a Samsung communication system plus the converged environment of the new OfficeServ™ secure mobility. Now that's truly a converged solution

OfficeServ Softphone
Turn your computer into a full featured IP Telephone. SAMSUNG OfficeServ Softphone is a Voice over IP (VoIP) application that enables OfficeServ 500, OfficeServ 100 and OfficeServ 7000 Series system users to communicate with the switch over the LAN or WAN from their PC. This application is ideal solution for telecommuters and road warriors.