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At home and at our workplaces telecommunications equipment helps us work and live more productively. However, equipment is always changing and it means we must continue to upgrade. Leasing Telecom equipment allows you to  have access to the equipment that you need, when you need it.

Leasing programs are secured through Horizon Keystone Financial.  Unlike many banks, which may provide only 80% financing and only do secured lending, our lease programs allow up to 100% finance of the installation and in most cases with only the equipment for security. 

The “Express Lease” enables most businesses to apply for up to $100,000, without any financial review, and decisions are usually made in less than 24 hours. In addition, we can customize many payment programs to fit individual needs. Our customized quote/proposal system works to give your company a solid financial alternative. 



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We believe that in the age of voice mail and cell phones, expecting a live person to help you should not be a commodity.  We believe that some things are best discussed one-on-one. Our goal is to make implemanting a new technology solution quick and easy.  Please contact one of our Business Development Managers (225)261-2666 for additional details on the programs or for quotes. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

Samsung Approved Leasing Program
Horizon-Keystone Financial

Samsung Should I Lease ?

  • A modern office depends on up to date technology to operate efficiently. The most overlooked equipment in the average office is the telephone /communications equipment. 
  • Most businesses upgrade computer and office equipment every three to five years while seventy percent of businesses continue to use telephone equipment that is seven to ten years old.
  • Computers and other office equipment are essential to effectively operate an office but the telephone system is the primary link between you and your customers. 


What leasing can do for you?


On the surface leasing would seem to be a higher cost option to that of outright purchase of new equipment. Closer examination will reveal definite advantages that will reduce that overall cost substantially.

  • Obtain the equipment when you need it. Businesses often delay installing equipment “until things pickup.” Outdated equipment may be that barrier that prevents your business from being more productive. The cost to your business of using outdated technology usually exceeds the cost of equipment replacement.
  • With a lease, you have a pre-determined monthly line item, which can help you budget more effectively and preserve your cash reserves for other needs.
  • It makes more sense to use modern technology than to own it. In the time it would take your business to recover the cost of new equipment it will usually be obsolete and have lost most of its value as an asset. However, should you choose to continue to use your equipment after the lease period, options in the lease will allow you to purchase your equipment for as little as a dollar.
  • Unlike loan payments, lease payments can be fully tax-deductible as an operational expense. Please check with your accountant to determine your specific tax possibilities.
  • If your business is faced with expanding your office or opening a branch office to take on a new customer or contract, leasing allows you to expand to meet that need without a large capital outlay.  
  • Leasing allows obtaining equipment on your schedule rather than being forced to make emergency replacements due to the failure of obsolete equipment.
  • Leasing allows you to include other costs in the lease contracts such as communications and network cabling, networking hardware, racks and wire management. Don’t settle for partial fixes. It makes little sense to replace equipment yet use defective cabling or other equipment which may disrupt the performance of your office.

An overall summery is that leasing makes good sense. Myco-Com will evaluate your office technology and create an effective replacement solution to fit your business needs.