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Located in Baton Rouge, Servicing Louisiana
Phone:(225) 261-2666   Fax: (225) 262-1578


Call our service department for estimates on installation, upgrades or repair of your Samsung Equipment.;

Samsung Need Help?

Bought your Samsung phone equipment from someone else or on the Internet?  Moving from another area and need your phone system moved? Can't get Samsung support or warranty processing? Myco-Com can Help! We offer help with installation,  trouble-shooting and warranty processing at reasonable prices.

Myco Com installs systems at regular hourly rate regardless where you bought your system, old or new, large or small.

Installation or service calls outside of  Baton Rouge are charged travel time and expenses.

Warranty processing for Samsung equipment not purchased from Myco-Com is charged shipping costs and time processing the warranty item.

Telephone support is available:  Charges apply based on time required.