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Myco-Com Cabling

At Myco-Com  we understand that our customers expect responsible, expert service. Our technicians are professionals and have been trained and certified in the installation and maintenance all types of commercial or plant cabling.  Myco-Com has established itself as a reputable source for data or voice cabling service and is experienced in the  installation of any cable, from standard Category 3 voice cable to the latest Category 6 data cable.


For superior network performance, not only does your cabling system need to be installed properly but the components that are installed must also be of high quality. Myco-Com uses only brand name, certified products. Data cable is terminated on certified patch panels and tested with special attention to industry standards. All data cables are tested to meet  certification specifications for the cable type installed, and hard copy printouts of the test can be provided.

Myco-Com's technicians can discuss your business’s network and infrastructure needs/ expectations, survey the facilities for cable routing, existing building construction, wiring closet access and patch panel capacity. Myco-Com can Identify any electrical and/or connection hardware needs, determine any specialty cabling requirements or other specialty installation equipment needed


While you may be in need of cabling services, you also need to know the cost involved. Myco-Com understands and can provide full estimates/ bids on cabling and equipment installation. Along with quality service and reasonable rates, Myco-Com is committed to providing our customers with competitive prices on all of our cabling services.

 Myco-Com Cabling Services  

New Cabling Installations:
Technicians will estimate the number of cables, jacks, and other materials needed to complete the job. The technician will install the cable, test it, add jacks, faceplate, and label all lines.  Our technicians will work closely with you and your contractor to ensure that our job is completed within the required time frame. Whether you are a startup or a large established entity, Myco-Com can meet all of your communications cabling needs

•Voice and Data Cabling
•Network Cabling
•Cat5e - Cat6 - Cat6e
•RG11 - RG6 - RG18

Cabling in existing locations:
Myco-Com's technicians are experienced at running lines in any type of environment, including closed walls and ceilings, and concrete structures. Based upon the needs of the customer, the technician will use the most appropriate installation method.

Cable Certification:

Did you know that 50% of network problems are caused by faulty cabling? The importance of properly installed and well maintained cabling is thus of extreme importance to technology savvy companies. Myco-Com's experienced technicians can quickly diagnose and repair problems with cabling, including fiber optic cables. If requested,  cables then can be tested to meet certification specifications for the cable type, and hard copy printouts of the test can be provided.

Cable termination:
We can terminate all types of cables, standard voice and data cables (RJ11, RJ45) as well as fiber optic to unicam LC, SC, FC, and ST connectors.

Fiber Optic Cabling:

The technology of Fiber Optics has taken the electrical world by storm with hair-thin glass cabling. The light signals sent through these cables can be used for Internet, telephone, CATV, or cell phone networks, providing a larger bandwidth that travels further distances without electromagnetic interference. Want to upgrade your cabling? Myco Com can design, install, test, and maintain your new fiber optic system.

•Fiber Optic Cable Installation
•Fiber Optic Cable Repair
•Fiber Optic Cable Terminations
•Fiber Optic Cable Splicing
•Cable Installation
•Structured Cabling
•Cable Repair

Telecom Room Cleanup

Many telecom rooms are in disarray from years of random patching, old equipment and unused cables. Not only is a messy environment unattractive, but it also limits the  functionality of the entire system. Changes to equipment in such an environment are often cumbersome, time consuming and can create even cause problems on the network if patch cables are not properly routed, labeled and documented. Incorrect routing and connecting of power cables pose potential fire hazards and can increase the likelihood of major network outages.

Myco-Com can assess and clean up the system. Technicians will perform an initial assessment of your existing Telecom / IT equipment rooms and identify potential solutions to your specific situation. Our primary goal is to provide alternatives and implement a plan to make your network infrastructure more functional, organized, and less restrictive to equipment upgrades.