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    Officeserv 7030 
OS 7030 4 x 8 kit 
Ready to run with  up to  4 lines and  maximum of 8 digital telephone stations.

Kit includes:
Three 18 button digital speaker phones
2 ports of voicemail /auto attendant
Caller ID Ready

                1 Free 08 button Speaker Phone
                 a $184. Value

                Your Price   $1620.50

Systems on this page do not include installation or custom programming.

Basic programming provided for out of the box operation only.

Custom installation and programming available at additional cost.

Additional cables and hardware may be needed to properly mount and install these systems.

All systems on this page support VOICE OVER IP (VOIP) phones and networking that allow systems to be connected to remote offices. Activation codes required for these features at additional cost.

Discounts available on additional phone sets purchased with a new Officeserv phone system.

Samsung Officeserv  7100 Systems

Officeserv 7100  Basic 4x8 kit:          $2382.50

Ready to run, supports 4 lines (trunks) and 8 digital stations

4 ports of voice mail with auto attendant
Six 28 button digital speaker phones
Caller ID ready

                     With 18 button speaker phone
                      a  $224.00 Value  free.


Officeserv 7100 8x16 System:                $4018.85

Supports 8 lines (trunks) and 16 digital stations

4 ports of voice mail with auto attendant
six  (28 button) digital speaker phones
four (18 button) digital speaker phones
                       With: one 18 button speaker phone
                        and  one 8 button speaker phone
                                     a $408.00 Value free

Available Additional Features

IP gateway channel activation for IP phones:

Email gateway to deliver voice mail messages to an email  address:

Sp net activation to link multiple systems together over the network: