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    Officeserv 7100 
Plug in to the power of voice and data convergence with the Samsung OfficeServ 7100. The Samsung OfficeServ 7100 is a small business telephone system with powerful features you might find on much larger telephone systems! Whether you need economical digital telephones or Telephony over IP, the Officeserve 7100 is perfect for small organizations. It supports wireless WiFi handsets, computer telephone integration (CTI), unified messaging, all kinds of networking and you can administer it yourself with your web browser.

This advanced telephone system comes equipped with a built-in, 4 port voice mail system with auto attendant (an email gateway option available), up to 8 built-in VoIP channels, supporting VoIP keysets. Full function, digital LCD speaker phones also make accessing system features a snap

The OfficeServ 7100 offers a variety of interface cards that allow connection to ether analog or digital phone lines (trunks). Proprietary digital phones called “keysets”connect to Digital Interface cards in sets of 4 or 16 stations.

In addition Samsung offers a complete line-up of IP sets.These IP feature rich sets use the latest Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and can be use on private or public networks. IP phones are ideal for (remote) locations providing all the benefits of the OfficeServ 7100 to home workers and road warriors.

Analog interface cards support Standard telephones generally called “single line sets”. In addition, digital station ports are used to connect peripheral devices such as door phones and add-on operator modules.

Miscellaneous circuits are built-in to allow such optional features as external paging, music on hold, background music, and common audible devices.

The rack mountable chassis of the Samsung OfficeServ 7100 telephone system makes it easy to incorporate into a data rack but it also comes wall mount bracket. All connections to the Officeserv 7100 system are standard RJ45.

Samsung Officeserv 7100  Systems

Flexible Configuration - Up to 32 users
All-in-One IP convergence key system Wired + Wireless, Voice + Data)
2 Universal slots within 1 cabinet - 7 Daughter board within 1 cabinet

Multiple configurations available by using new universal board and daughterboard combination
Trunk Boards : 4TRM, 2BRM 
Station Boards : 4DLM, 4SLM, 4SWM

Processor  card has embedded support for voice mail and VOIP Gateway
4 port Voice Mail with auto attendant
1-8 channel media gateway channels (Activation Key Required)

Compatibility and Scalability
Provides support for common OfficeServ 7200, 7400 boards and applications
Network  connectivity with officeserv remote 7030,7200, 7400 systems and Ip Phones

Support for Samsung wireless phones / access points
Support for SIP trucks and stations

Available 7100 Equipment

28 button phone set:

18 button phone sets:

IP gateway channel activation for IP phones:

Email gateway to deliver voice mail messages to an email  address:

Sp net activation to link multiple systems together over the network: